Organic Soap Berries, 100 Loads

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A berry from a tree that makes its own soap? Amazing! The shell of the soap berry contains saponin which is released when washed. This saponin cleans and softens the laundry.

Use as a detergent, a fabric softener, or both. Place 4-5 berries in the provided bag and toss into the washer with your clothes. Re-use 10+ times until they lose their color and become as thin as paper. Easy, no mess, last forever, and barely take up any room…we could go on and on! No added fragrances, no dyes, certified organic, low sudsing, non-GMO, vegan, nut free, softens and washes, cruelty free.

100 loads, 2 bags included.

Tip: If you have an HE washing machine, put the soap berries in the included bag, and then put that inside a lingerie bag so that it doesn’t get stuck in the door of your washer.

Ingredients: Deseeded Organic Sapindus mukorossi (soap berries)