About Us

The products that go in our shop have been carefully researched to be sure that they are safe. They have no harmful chemicals or added fragrance, and no essential oils. We want to be sure to have products that are safe for even the most sensitive individuals. Some essential oils aren't safe for babies and kids, pregnant women, pets, and especially those with Chemical Sensitivities.

Why fragrance free? We're sensitive to fragrances. We've learned that this a warning sign from our body to stay away from products with fragrance. Even if fragrance doesn't bother you, it's an ingredient that should always be avoided.

These are some reasons:

1. "The term 'fragrance' represents a chemical cocktail that can be made up of hundreds of ingredients. Fragrances are found in thousands of consumer products from cleaners to tampons, yet there are very few regulations over the ingredients used in fragrance.  The current system for fragrance safety is run entirely by the fragrance industry — and this self-regulating program is greenlighting chemicals that reputable authoritative bodies and government agencies have restricted, banned or deemed hazardous.Source 

2. "There are over 3,000 fragrance ingredients declared by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) to be currently in use in fragrance.[1]This list includes:

  • Carcinogens such as styrene, methyl eugenol, pyridine and BHA,
  • Reproductive toxins such as phthalates, lilial and nonylphenol,
  • Neurotoxicants such as xylenes and phenol,
  • Skin allergens such as linalool, hexyl cinnamal, geraniol, and HICC.
      These fragrance ingredients and numerous others have been detected in testing of fragranced household cleaning and personal care products, but the vast majority are not disclosed on the product label." Source


      3. "The fragrance can be the most toxic part about conventional cleaning products.Other aspects of them can be dangerous, but only if you touch or ingest them. Three-year-olds notwithstanding, the adults who do most of the cleaning aren’t likely to gulp them down. They take precautions to make sure little ones and furry friends don’t have access to them (still safer not to have them around at all). But what about breathing? It’s rather unavoidable. Every being in the room during and after the cleaning will be absorbing these fragrances. The fragrances added to these products are designed to be airborne. Their target: your sensory receptors then your lungs and your bloodstream. And the worst of it is, these fragrances don’t have to be there – they add nothing to the effectiveness of these products. They are added to the product for a variety of reasons: to mask unpleasant chemical smells, to create product loyalty, to leave lingering 'clean' connotations, and to imply that the solutions are closely derived from nature." Source

      It's not as easy as just searching for products that are fragrance free, though. Those products can still have harmful chemicals in them. "Unscented" products can also have masking agents (usually fragrance) in them to cover up the ingredients' odors, which can be unpleasant. Yet some unscented products can be just fine. It can be pretty confusing!

      So, what do we do? We look for products that are EWG VERIFIED™, MADE SAFE®, or rated "CLEAN" in the Think Dirty App. We also like to look for handmade products from small business owners. These products haven't always been evaluated by EWG Skin Deep, MADE SAFE, or Think Dirty, but we always research each ingredient and contact the owner if we have any questions. We test products on ourselves and our kids.

      We choose skincare products that are made with plant extracts, beneficial oils, and seed butters. Instead of harmful chemicals, they're full of antioxidants and vitamins to nourish your skin. Instead of a strong fragrance, they have a subtle scent from the natural ingredients, such as coconut oil or cocoa butter. Instead of unnecessary fillers, every ingredient has a purpose.

      Going fragrance free is a big way to reduce your family's exposure to toxic chemicals. But with so many so-called natural products out there, it can be overwhelming and hard to know if a product is truly safe! That's why we've done the work for you.